Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bail Bonds - How Are They Determined

Posted by Diamond Jose on 9:45 PM

When people who have been accused of committing a crime are arrested and taken to jail, they will go in front of a judge to determine whether or not they are eligible for bail bonds to allow them to be released. It is an insurance to the court, that defendants will return for their trial. Many factors help the judge to order what monetary amount he will attach to bail bonds. The following paragraphs will discuss how the amounts are determined.

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One factor the judge considers when ordering the amount is the severity of the crime. The defendants are accused of committing a violent crime, he may decide not to grant bail, or set the amount of it very high. Setting the amount very high helps ensure the court that these defendants will return to court, to stand trial for the charges. If the crime is non-violent, and the judge feels the defendants are not a threat to themselves or society, they might set the amounts lower. The severity of the charged crime is an extremely important factor when setting the amounts.

Next, the judge normally considers the defendants' prior criminal histories when setting bail bonds amounts for charged defendants. If defendants have no past criminal history, he is more likely to set lower amounts. If the defendants indeed have a past criminal history, the bail bonds amounts are likely to be set higher, if he grants bail at all.


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